I began making dogs while studying ceramic sculpture at Northern Clay Center. Animals have always been an inspiration, comfort, and source of joy. I feel a deep connection with their spirits. Sketching from life, taking photos, and studying video are a very big part of my process. They allow me to explore the anatomy, musculature, kinseology, and gesture of these domesticated animals.

The pieces are handcrafted in earthenware clay in a labor intensive process. First a small model is built. I use the model to work out the pose and scale up to construct an armature. The actual sculpture is built as a solid piece of clay on supports, then it is partially dried, cut into pieces, hollowed out, reassembled, allowed to slowly, thoroughly dry, then it's fired. Then it's painted with ceramic stains, underglaze, and glazes and fired a second time.

I am currently taking commissions and making work for exhibition. Please contact me for more information

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